Treasure Bag – Term 2 2019 – Terrific Toys

Term 2 2019 – Terrific Toys- teddy, doll, puzzle, blocks, spinning top & drum!

All children enjoy the Treasure Bag with the excitement of what will be in the Treasure Bag today.

This is wonderful part of the lesson enjoyed by all the children whatever their age.

Treasure Bag time is a fun way to encourage language skills, social skills, imagination and visual imaging.

Term 1 2019 – The Sea-

Our weekly theme – Treasure Bag- will include fish, dolphin, jellyfish, starfish, turtle & seagull!

Representative toys are supplied for all children to explore along with images and a word and picture to take home each week.

Each child also gets an ink stamp on their right hand and foot to further reinforce the theme of the day and to help them distinguish their right and left side.