I love taking my 14 month old son, Ewan, to GymbaROO each Friday. It allows him to play in a safe, fun environment and on equipment that we can't supply for him at home. He also can use up all that energy he has!

The safety of the cushioned mats around the equipment and toys allows him to grow confident in using the play toys and I found this has allowed him to be more adventurous when he plays at the park with his Dad. We are lucky enough to have some great kid’s parks near our home and we love taking him there. Especially in summer, as one great park is close to the beach. Since Ewan has played at GymbaROO, he is more confident and playful at the parks and Dad can hardly keep up with him.

We see how interested he has become in the environment around him and it is great to be able to take him out and help him explore the world. Watching him grow has been a joy and I feel so lucky to watch him.

Thanks GymbaROO!


Aspendale Gardens GymbaROO

Catherine - Aspendale Gardens

Thank you very much for helping me learn lots of new skills over the past two years! My mum says I wouldn't be as clever as I am without all the hard work I've done with you. She also says she enjoyed your advice and care. Thank you. I can't wait to bring my baby sister or brother to Gymbaroo like I did as a baby! Edward

Edward - Cheltenham

Being a first time mum and having no prior experience with children/babies previously, going along to GymbaROO was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn how to introduce singing, dancing and playing with my little girl in a way where I knew she really benefiting from my teachings both mentally and physically ... I would never in a million years thought it would be OK to tip her upside down, now I know how too in safe way, and she loves it! I've found the music and movements we learn has promoted confidence and strength in her and I really see the difference in her from other kids who don't go to GymbaROO. Everything we learn we carry on at home and we have a fantastic time!


Fiona - Cheltenham

Thank you for the past two years at Gymbaroo. Sam commenced as a Babyroo and thoroughly enjoyed it! He loved the nurturing qualities of Sue and loved getting his "stamp of the day" from Jane. He'll miss them but no doubt will see them again when Livvy commences Babyroo next year. We have no doubt that the years at Gymbaroo assisted with his coordination, balance and confidence. He really loved his Tuesday class. Jane M.

Jane - Cheltenham

My daughter began Gymbaroo at 8 weeks, she took awhile to adjust so had the term off, due to being born with a stiff neck and hating tummy time. The next term was completely different, she loved it! She thrived and would cry as the last song ended. This has had a massive impact on her overall development and fine motor skills.

Jess P - Cheltenham

Thank you for the teachings, guidance and support you've given Ethan. He has grown and developed in leaps and bounds. Jo

Jo - Cheltenham

To Sue and Jane,

We have so much fun at Gymbaroo and thank you both for being part of such a wonderful team!

Kira and Julie

Julie Conners - Cheltenham

Dear Liz, Sue and team,

Thanks you for your care and support. We are so very pleased with the progress Kerri has shown since beginning Gymbaroo. She is on thrack with her development and walking with confidence. We thank you for all the assistance you have given to us and all the organisation behind the scenes.

Kate Rails

Kate Rails - Aspendale Gardens

Dear Liz, Julie and all at Cheltenham Gymbaroo, Thankyou for all the fun, enjoyment and learning over the last five years! Yes I can't believe it has been that long. Monday mornings will always be a Gymbaroo day for us . You have always showed such love and attention to Brendon and Emily over our time with you. Thanks again Kathryn

Kathryn Holmes - Cheltenham

Thankyou for many years of fun for my grandchildren. Your energy & care have been remarkable.

Marion - Cheltenham

My son Jonah attended his first GymbaROO session in 2007 when he was 4 months old. We initially attended because he struggled during tummy time and would face plant and cry whenever we placed him on his tummy! For weeks and weeks he cried at every GymbaROO class and I wanted to cry too! It seemed like all of the other babies in our class could happily lie on their tummy and support their own head, but my son Jonah found this very difficult and would become very distressed. I remember thinking: "Why can’t he do this?" But with gentle encouragement from Liz and Sue our instructors, Jonah's neck, back and tummy muscles gradually strengthened thanks to activities such as the scooter board and rolling back and forth on the big gym balls and foam rollers. We also made tummy time less strenuous by placing a rolled up towel under his armpits and this helped tremendously. Liz and Sue continually reassured me that Jonah would come to enjoy tummy time and by the time he was 6 months old, he was able to happily play on his tummy without crying. The day he pulled the scarf off his head on his own during the "hello song" was a very proud day! That first term of GymbaROO taught me that children develop at different rates and that Jonah just needed a little extra support and encouragement to master the art of tummy time! Jonah is now a happy and energetic four year old at kinder. He still comes to GymbaROO, but now he comes to watch his little sister Poppy and to be a helper! During the four years Jonah and I attended GymbaROO classes together, I learned that he loves the predictability of routine, thrives on encouragement and praise, loves to pack up and feel helpful and that he is at his happiest when I am there to share in the joys and wonderment of learning and experiencing new things together.


Cheltenham GymbaROO

Michelle - Cheltenham

I am writing to comment on the interest and enthusiasm of all the staff at Gymbaroo and the fantastic program you run. We love our weely Gymbaroo sessions. It's our favourite day of the week! Millie & Ava

Millie - Cheltenham

Thank you for guiding Belle through the world of Gymbaroo. We love every moment! Nat & Belle

Nat - Aspendale Gardens

Thanks for the great fun, great advice and activities you give us at Gymbaroo.

Paula and Gabriel

Paula - Cheltenham

To the lovely team in Cheltenham, Fletcher and I would like to extend a huge thank you for the fun structured learning we receive from week to week. Fletcher spent many weeks with his head down on the mat as a baby, crying each session back at Aspendale Gardens... and with the constant encouragement from the girls, he developed through the milestones each term and is now taking his own steps! We look forward to each week at Gymbaroo, many thanks. Bec and Fletcher.

Rebecca Engeman - Cheltenham

Vicki, Gavin and James Edwards

I would like to explain why I believe GymbaROO has assisted with the development of our son James. I also say this as a credit to the staff at the Cheltenham centre Liz and Julie in the latter part (and in the early days Sue). I'd love for them to be acknowledged.

James is now just over 9 months. He started GymbaROO at Cheltenham at the age of 11 weeks. We honestly believe that by putting him through the GymbaROO program it has greatly assisted us in better understanding the activities that we need to focus on at home to assist with his development. Encouraging tummy time and baby massage, this has assisted him to commando crawl early. As he is growing, all the other different exercises that we never would have thought of to do i.e. dancing with him and spinning him around, upside down baby, wash the dishes are all helping him with his development. Attending classes also gives him the opportunity to socialise with other kids and also understand the importance of listening or watching a teacher (which is sometimes funny because if he sits up close, sometimes with Liz he'll really stare at her to try and get her attention. You can also see him listening and taking it all in too).

For the past two weeks he has been upgraded from the pre-crawler class to the crawler class, and being one of the youngest in his class, he is starting to pick things up from the older kids and tries to mimic some of their behaviour. Depending on my work situation next year, I'd love to continue but worse case, if I can't we will always be forever grateful to the head start GymbaROO has provided James.

Vicki, Gavin and James Edwards (Cheltenham)

Vicki, Gavin and James - Cheltenham