Aspendale Gardens

Aspendale Gardens Community Centre
103 Kearney Drive
Aspendale Gardens, VIC 3195

(03) 9515 0496


The BabyROO program is a specialist program that parents can commence with babies from 6 weeks of age. The program covers areas such as Gentle Exercises, Massage, Visual / Eye Tacking, Auditory activities, Movement (vestibular) activities, Strength, Dance and Music.

The baby programme is primarily about parent education. Understanding your baby developmental stages and how best to support and enhance this at home.

Above all BabyROO is lots and lots of fun. Children love it. Parents love it. There is nothing quite as rewarding as being actively involved in your child development. You will watch them brighten with excitement and participate with enthusiasm as they experience the pure joy of learning.


As children roll and tumble, climb and balance and play on specially designed equipment circuits at GymbaROO, they are not only having lots of fun (as are their parents!), as they are really priming their brains for learning.

At GymbaROO, our trained instructors guide structured programs that include exercise, massage, ball skill development, music and dance. Specialised equipment is used to enhance your child's coordination and challenge their imagination.

And, through this fun learning experience, infants and children develop critical thinking skills to lay the foundations for literacy and learning.

Aspendale Gardens Gymbaroo operates in the Aspendale Gardens Community Centre hall. Classes are held on Thursdays and Fridays. Melway reference 93 C5

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313 Charman Rd

Cheltenham, VIC 3192

(03) 9515 0496

Cheltenham has an extensive operation in a hall with 2 large rooms. Both rooms are well heated, as children are requested to participate in bare feet to help with their development. The floors are clean, well polished hardwood. The large hall has the equipment, which is arranged in a circuit. This circuit is changed every 2 week to provide different challenges.

Parents or carers participate in the sessions encouraging and talking to the child about the concepts of up, over, under and through; all the colours and shapes but in a manner to let the child do the work without being held where possible. This is a proven method to help build self-esteem. The small hall is used for group work. This group work consists of finger plays, exercise, movement, rhythm, small equipment, dance, vestibular activity, pre reading skills in the form of a "treasure bag" and a parachute. Some equipment is also used to teach specific skills.

The children are in their own developmental age groups. Class sizes are 14 in the walking to 3 years 6 months groups and 12 in baby groups. Ample free parking is available in Charman Road or in the side streets.

The centre is close to the Southland Shopping Centre, so it is very well served by public transport, close to an extensive bus network and the local Cheltenham railway station.

Charman Road Cheltenham Between Park Road and Nepean Highway.

In the red brick church building. Melway Reference 86 H 1

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